Letting it all hang out!

If someone tells me I am too much??!! Oh DARLING this is actually my casual lookūüíɬ†My sparkles‚ú®¬†doesn’t come in a light version. If you ever saw the divine light and grace of such magical people like @hllywdmuziki and @layanaflaxx, then it changes you forever. I am so thankful for meeting these two goddessesūüíĖ¬†! I always had this version of this super divine GODESS aka¬†#diosaafrocubana¬†inside me but never allowed myself to show her because before I learned to love myself I learned to hate myself. Break the cycle of selfhate and set yourself freeūüźľ¬†and celebrate all the different versions of you!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell me what you do to free yourself —> Body_Mary

Diosa AfroCubana

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