My body, my style!

My body, my style, my fashion, everything about me is not up for your comments!


Just watch, not touch nor commenting! Just keep your disgusting views for yourself otherwise you get this attitude from me¬†swipe for my¬†#restingbitchface. When I was very young I had to learn that white people in Germany got a hugh problem when¬†#someBODY¬†reclaims their body and their different cultures. So I got shamed by my ‚friends‘ for wearing¬†#headwraps before I even knew what a¬†#headwrap¬†was. Because it stands for this ‚third world look‘ which so many people enjoying during their vacation and of course during festivals and carnivals¬†ūüė†¬†And in Germany you can’t possibly have more than one culture you belong to, so there is no need to learn about different cultural identities anyway. But now I¬†#reclaimingmyculture¬†no matter what¬†‚úäNow I am feeling comfortable and happy wearing things of my different homes. What is wrong to be from different cultural contexts? NOTHING! I am really blessed to be a part of such a variety of different precious cultures. This is the perfect moment to thank all members of the @soulsistersberlin you helped me a lot to embrace all my different cultural backgrounds¬†ūüôƬ†I’m so thankful for all your community work and empowerment! Leave a comment at Body_Mary

Sunny Godess


I am blessed


We all are growing


Way too Cool


Deutsche Romantik




Baby got legs #thunderthighs

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