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Some of our scars are not visible. Like the shadow over my eye and it’s only visible in the dark. Normally you need light to see but our invisible scars are only noticeable when we throw shadows above them and we remembering the pain and the situation we get that scar from. So whatever you think to know of a person by only looking at #someBODY, you don’t! Some of our struggles and our pain are neither obvious or visible. Please be kind to #everyBODY and to yourself. Because we often forget how far we come. 

💜 So tell yourself how much you worship yourself, how proud you are and start to accept / love your body. Bye looking these pictures I often forget how great my arms are and how strong. I love my guns. I love my belly #bellyoutline. I love my face, nothing wrong with my #doublechin. I love my #thunderthighs. I love my #bodyhair. I love my boobs cause #saggyboobsmatter and I love my #curlyafrohair. And I don’t owe anyone a smile, that’s why I love to take pictures of me without smiling. 

Show some love –> Body_Mary

Some scares are invisible


My arms – my true love


Visible belly outline


💜 Double Chin 💜


Be soft to you


You don´t owe anyone a smile!


The sky above Us



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